Is it worth it to get my own domain name? Spoiler alert: it is

Is it worth it to get my own domain name? Spoiler alert: it is


Ina Tuason

Ina Tuason

14 Oct 2021, 13:17 — 3 min read

As a small fashion retail business owner myself, I also debated about which route I wanted to go with regards to selling my items. Was I going to join a marketplace like Lazada or Shopee and get caught up in a sea of competitors, or take the leap and sell on my own website?


The secret to success is to be accessible on all selling platforms, especially your own website or domain. Yes, it is more expensive to commit to buying your own domain for your eCommerce store. But there are a lot of benefits that it can bring to your brand.


First of all, what is a domain? A domain is simply the address for your website. For example, let’s say your business is called BRAND. You would want your website to be named: But what about if you want to opt for a subdomain? Using a subdomain like is free of charge and you would not need to purchase your own domain for it. Here’s an example of the difference between a domain and a subdomain:


Domain: – you will need to purchase a domain

Subdomain: – free of charge


In order to have your own domain you will need to buy the URL name itself. There are many sources out there, but with, you can buy a domain simply by heading to your dashboard -> online store -> settings -> enter store URL tab. There you will find easy instructions on how to get your own domain.



Cost Efficient

It costs an average of 50-180 USD to host your own domain per year. You can think of it as your yearly rent. If you think about it, the cost really isn’t so bad if you compare it to owning your own physical store. 


Establishes Credibility

Nothing says legitimate business more than having your own domain. It makes you look like a professional, registered business that your clients can trust. Not to mention, it will do wonders for your branding. It is a great opportunity for you to build your digital presence and influence the way your customers see you.


It increases your visibility on the internet

If someone googles your brand, wouldn’t you want to be seen right away? While the Google’s Search Engine Algorithm might still be a mystery, there’s no doubt that having your own domain can help you rank for your brand. It’s a great opportunity to become top of mind for your customers.


Has this article inspired you to make the big move? I hope it did. Strengthening your brand is always a good idea. 


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