Seedin, Unionbank and DigiVation Partnership

Seedin, Unionbank and DigiVation Partnership

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UnionBank Publication

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SeedIn Technology, in partnership with Unionbank and DigiVation, has expanded its Investment and Business Financing services to GlobalLinker  (, a portal for Small and Medium Enterprises business networking around the world.

More than 25,000 SMEs on UnionBank GlobalLinker portal can now access SeedIn’s business services, from Investment Plans such as Salary Accelerator for companies and Financial Freedom Plan for individuals, to SME Financing for businesses.



Edison Tsai, Executive Director of SeedIn Technology, says his company understands the challenges faced by SMEs and how financing can help them grow.

“We believe that our collaboration with GlobalLinker will allow us to identify more creditworthy companies and provide our investors with more crowdfunding options to augment their investment portfolios.  Over the course of 5 years in operation, we have built a community of investing members and a quality pool of SME clients and have collectively raised more than 2 billion USD in funding to businesses”



The new initiative will help more businesses reach their full potential by reducing cash-flow gaps and enhancing capital growth at a lower cost of credit than other traditional alternative financing companies, and also within a shorter fund-processing period.

It will also offer investors access to asset classed investment opportunities previously only available to institutions, with attractive annualized returns.

For more information on GlobalLinker or register and avail of SeedIn services, visit links below:

GlobalLinker page:

Registration link:



SeedIn Technology is dedicated to helping the SMEs achieve their success.  For more information on how your business can benefit through financing, contact us at +632 5864919 or email at


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