Simple SEO tips for business owners

Simple SEO tips for business owners

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Veni Anabo

Veni Anabo

319 week ago — 4 min read

In recent years, the use of Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO has been a trend in the world wide web for business owners. Though some may say that it is complicated, the truth is it is just a process of making sure that your page or site is visible at the top or is in the first result page of any search engine. By being successful in this, a business owner can increase site visitors, traffic, and of course, increase sales.


For a couple of years now, I have been listening to our workshop speakers (I work as an events director at Manila Workshops) on SEO and I have learned a lot. I will be sharing with you bits of tips which you may use in making your business a flourishing one. These are tips that I have learned, and I have been using them for my blogging career, too! Here are the seven magic tips.


1. Benchmark

You have to do research to identify what keywords you are going to use. Remember that the key to a successful SEO is the use of the perfect keywords. You may try to figure out this one by looking at your competitor’s way of making keywords by visiting their sites. This benchmarking phase would allow you to generate keywords ideas which you can finalise later on.


2. Internal checking

This means that you have to identify possible problems on your end. Try to figure out if all the pages on your site are working and aligned adequately and working correctly. Remember that no one wants to visit a site with slow pages, scattered content, and disorganised materials. So, the key here is to make sure that all is perfect at your end.


3. Pilot testing

Well, the idea here is you are going to launch your site in beta mode using keywords that you first generated. Try to figure out once the website is love if it is effective or not by going to different search engines and searching for the keywords that you employed. If they appear at the first result page or even in the top results, then voila! It means that you used the correct keywords. But if it does not appear even on the third or fourth page, then you better go back to your site and change some things about the way you worked on your keywords.


4. Build links

Make sure that your page is visible enough as much as possible on all platforms. Try to do postings on different promotional sites along with other online advertisements. Additionally, you may also opt for the various social media advertisement to reach a more significant number of audience.


5. List your site in directories

One way of getting your site known and visible is by making sure that you register it to different directories. If you will notice, the first page of Google would usually display the contact number, address, and website of a company or keyword on the result page. So, why not make the most out of these directories?


6. Product description

If you are in a way exporting product from other sellers and selling them as your own, then I would highly recommend that you come up with your product description instead of copying the one provided by the seller. Why? If a user would search about your product online using the description that you copied, the result at the top would always be about the original seller instead of your site.


7. Product reviews

Product reviews are compelling in encouraging site visitors to purchase an item from your site. This is a form of a persuasive appeal to the users to convince them that your products are the best.


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