Social media mistakes you should avoid

Social media mistakes you should avoid

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7 Nov 2018, 18:00 — 4 min read

A strong social network can be very good for business, since it allows you to strengthen relationships with your target audience, thus creating loyal and appreciative customers. Unfortunately, many companies still haven’t realized the full potential of their social media networks and end up making certain mistakes. Here are some key Don’ts you should remember:


  • Don’t create accounts on a whim. First, understand what social media can do for you. If you don’t, there’s a good chance you won’t use your network properly, and blindly creating accounts can be damaging to your business.

  • Don’t ignore social norms. Again, it pays to know your network. Every social network has its own rules and social norms. In general, you should make sure to answer your followers’ concerns, don’t spam them with sales, and don’t be needy – but remember, there are certain unwritten rules specific to each network. It’s your job to know these rules and follow them.

  • Don't spread yourself too thin. It’s a common mistake to be present on every social network. Yes, you want to maximize the opportunity, but having too many channels will make it much harder to keep track of what’s going on. A strong network on one or two platforms is much better than a patchy presence on all of them.

  • Don't prioritize quantity over quality. Social media for business has two goals: brand awareness and customer engagement. Too many businesses use networks to advertise, but social media can help you with so much more. Post good-quality content, and you can build relationships with your target market and improve customer loyalty.

  • Don’t ignore comments. One of the best and most important benefits of social media is making it possible to have conversations online. Capitalize on that. Comments from customers are the beginnings of your dialogue with them, so make sure to respond, and do so promptly

  • Don’t remove negative comments. Yes, they’re painful to see and you do want to show your company in a good light. But sweeping negative comments away is just going to infuriate dissatisfied customers even more. Instead, turn critique into constructive criticism and show followers that you are prepared to learn from your mistakes.

  • Don't neglect security. Make sure you have a system that keeps your accounts secure and reduces the potential for reputational damage. Some restrictions should be put, and only selected staff should be able to update and publish on your social media to reduce risks.

  • Don't completely rely on automating updates. Automation tools can never replace true engagement with customers – in your rush to reduce workload, make sure you aren’t neglecting customer engagement in the process. Remember your customers can’t converse with an automation tool.

In conclusion, the takeaway is: don’t treat social media as just a marketing function. Your social network can be a channel for sales, promotions, customer service, and market research. Get the best out of social media by making it an integral part of your customer relationships – your audience will surely appreciate you for it.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views, official policy or position of GlobalLinker.

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