The ultimate cheat sheet to growing your online store this holiday season!

The ultimate cheat sheet to growing your online store this holiday season!


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

185 week ago — 4 min read

It’s the time of the year where you are busier than ever!

Due to the global pandemic, we’re pretty sure that you are making out the most of this holiday season to bounce back and increase sales.

Worry no more! We compiled here relevant content not only to get your business ready for the holiday rush but also to provide strategies and proven tactics to help your online store stand out among the rest and attract more customers.

Getting started – Create your online store

  • Create your own online store on UnionBank GlobalLinker for free
    Learn the five easy steps on how you can start creating your online store on UnionBank GlobalLinker for free. Read here.

  • Online store creation session with eCommerce expert
    Are you still having difficulties in completing your online store? Through this webinar series, you will gain understand and get answers straight from the expert! Watch here.

  • Don’t have a transactional eStore? Here’s what you are missing out
    Understand why selling online is the need of the hour for your business. Read here.

  • 5 reasons your B2B business needs an eCommerce website
    Do you have a B2B business? Here’s why you still need to go digital. Read here.


Promoting your online store – Practical marketing strategies and tactics

  • Power of content: How to generate traffic to your eStore using content
    Leverage content smartly with these 6 tips and drive more traffic to your eStore. Read here.

  • How to drive more traffic to your eCommerce store
    Learn the promising ways to drive traffic to your online store. Read here.

  • 6 tips to improve conversion rate for your online store
    Tips to maximize the Conversion rate optimization of your eCommerce store. Read here.

  • 8 tips to promote your eCommerce site that are easy and proven to be effective
    Looking for ways to promote and market your eCommerce store? Here are some handy diverse tactics that will help you engage with your visitors and customers. Read here.

  • Why and how to add floating social media icons to your online store
    A quick guide on how to add floating social media icons relevant to widen your reach. Read here.

  • How to reduce cart abandonment on your online store
    You will learn here some practical strategies to reduce shopping cart abandonment to your eStore. Read here.

  • 5 things you should know before buying your first business domain name
    Get practical tips that you need to keep in mind while buying your business domain name. Read here.

  • How to retarget bounced off customers
    Why ‘retargeting’ is essential to engage with bounced off visitors of your online store. Read here.

  • How to scale beyond stagnant online sales?
    Understand how scaling your eCommerce business helps you manage your growth. Read here.


Succeeding in the digital world - Success measurement metrics for your eStore

  • 7 skills that drive eCommerce success
    Here is a set of tactical capabilities that should help your eCommerce succeed. Read here.

  • What are the factors that determine success in eCommerce?
    You will discover the 10 key factors you need to consider when measuring your eCommerce success. Read here.

Success stories – Entrepreneurs who leverage their online store to grow their business

  • Going digital: Woman entrepreneur bounces back with her online store during the pandemic
    Get inspired to grow your online store with Lyn Reasol’s story on how he was ablew to maximize her online to score customers and achieve target sales. Read here.

  • Female founder shares how she started small with only 200 packs of products and made it big
    Hope Joy Palermo of Real’s Food Products shares how she managed to succeed in business and how she adapts to the new normal with her online store. Read here.

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