UnionBank and GlobalLinker forge agreement that will help Philippine SMEs network globally

UnionBank and GlobalLinker forge agreement that will help Philippine SMEs network globally

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UnionBank Publication

UnionBank Publication

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If there is one thing Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) look for is a direct access to the market and suppliers. Well, you can get around that spectacle dealing with costly middle men to get your business up in the clouds your way.


Philippine bank UnionBank has allied with business networking site GlobalLinker, offering access to SMEs to find suitable business partners for their business needs. Dubbed UnionBank GlobalLinker the website works like a typical dashboard entertaining SME prospects, particularly those with meagre operational budget to expose their business with this designated portal that sincerely caters to promoting their business like any professional digital entity looking for a stable market to sell or supply their products.


GlobalLinker (which started in Asian countries like India) has a vast market for SMEs in the Philippines. It works is to bring stakeholders on one page, helping companies get noticed. GlobalLinker gives due credit to small time business stakeholders by giving them a venue to properly execute their marketing strategies.


It offers things like website design options for your growing business. UnionBank said the platform requires one-time registration before you can avail of GlobalLinker’s services. Designed mainly for small business and aspiring entrepreneurs, UnionBank GlobalLinker’s platform basically lets business-minded individuals find their choice trade. They can even pose news items pertaining to their marketing strategies, anything that would beef up transaction process between business folks having similar interests.


Better yet social chatting is encouraged, erasing the traditional middleman brokerage, which most SMEs want to avoid to cut on service costing. Website, with its interactive background engaging real time, encourages businessmen or companies to be pro-active with their needs. It can be a platform to find solutions to your supply and demand needs or, simply put, a global venue to find or introduce your local products to an international brand. While there is a limit to how much you can market with this platform, and fees do apply for those seeking more to tease up their marketing digital product displays with specific markets, GlobalLinker’s standard is more liberal a place for business minded individuals to stake out potential growth not just for their company’s needs, but for the country’s economy benefitting from this scaling business to online trading activity.


UnionBank, with GlobalLinker’s global and networking reach with business merchants, is hopeful medium will help more Filipinos entering business succeed, eventually finding their niche market through a bigger and better market place can freely compete with local products and services on hand. It is a gateway for local businesses with their products and service. An SME can be promoted along with other equally competitive and soul searching business entities looking to trade their best regional products with entrepreneurs from the Philippines. 


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