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Leave management made easy for all

eLeave allows employees to manage and apply for leave easily while allowing respective managers to approve leave using a flexible, organized and efficient manner.

  • Customizable Leave

    a) Caters to all policies accordingly such as different types of leave policies (earned base & full entitlement)
    b) Flexible leave allocation method
    c) Entitlement grade policy – determine the leave entitlement policy of your company

  • Leave Proration

    No more manual calculation for childcare leave, pro-rated leave, no pay leave, leave carried forward, etc.

  • Leave Reporting

    Various reports for managers with details of leave balance, leave entitlement and leave nature

  • User-Friendly

    Our leave system is mobile-optimized. Apply or approve leave on the go

  • Streamline approval procedures

    Leave requests and confirmations are dealt with promptly. Both the employee and the supervisor will receive email notification when the leave is requested, approved, rejected or modified

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