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Manage your organization’s productivity at your fingertips

eTime is an accurate module that ensures employees increases organizational productivity. It also eases the process of timesheet approval and provides analytics of work patterns.

  • Easy Scheduling

    eTime allows supervisors to effectively assign resources to the respective tasks/ project. Our smart design allows comparison between the employees clock in data with the employee roster to ensure that employee hours are always corresponding to the employee rostered hours

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Effectively monitor and make sure that your employees are coming in on time and taking days off properly. Keep track of employee hours worked, leave and overtime without the fear of human error

  • Easy Time & Attendance Monitoring

    Increase efficiency with an automated time & attendance system, and synchronised time clocks. Track employees’ working hours, leave, time-off and overtime hours seamlessly

  • Auto OT Calculation

    Simplify the process of overtime pay calculations. Compute employees’ overtime hours automatically. Minimise errors and omissions in overtime calculations

  • Comprehensive Reports & Data Analytics

    Generate reports to monitor time metrics and indicators

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