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 Focus on scaling your business with globally-connected eCommerce fulfillment centers built for multi-platform integrations.


: 03 Feb 2029


  • Terms & Conditions

    * Three (3) months free trial for all UBGL signups.

    First 10 signups will get Three-month use of our AltoSuite Order and Inventory Management System, and/or AltoSuite Warehouse Management System, including:

    • Get FREE system onboarding training during the 3-month period

    • Get FREE generation of barcode or SKU code during the 3-month period

    • Get FREE access for Order Management during the 3-month period


    FREE 3-month package for all UBGL signups**. Post the trial period, the monthly software fee of 1690 PHP will apply. Package inclusions are:

    • Product Management

    • Inventory Management

    • Shipping Calculator for International Shipment

    • Customer Address Book

    • Account Scalability (if customer intends to use ZhenHub end-to-end ecommerce solutions for international warehousing and logistics services)

    • Free system training and Customer service support during the 3-month period

    • Free pass to ZhenHub webinars for one year

    • Free access to ZhenHub Learning and Development materials for ecommerce for one year


    Sign up now and manage your inventory REAL-TIME!

    * Three (3) months free trial for all UBGL signups.

    **  Sign-up now until December 30, 2022


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