Pacifico Assistance Corporation

Makati city, Philippines

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Verified as Ibero Asistencia, S.A.

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Roadside Assistance, Travel Assistance, Home Assistance

Pacifico Assistance (formerly IBERO Asistencia) is now fully owned and backed by Warburg Pincus and has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 20, 2022, under its new name. Under its previous name, it has started its operations as far back as June 1999 and has been a market leader in its niche market ever since. Pacifico Assistance operates a 24-hour Call Center, which is equipped with a fully integrated computer, telephony, mapping, database and management systems. The Call Center is manned by professional Assistance Coordinators who have undergone rigid training for months on technical skills, telephone courtesy and customer service, following ISO Certified training standards. It has established an expansive network of service providers of tow trucks, major hospitals and clinics, doctors, air and ground ambulances, including hotels, covering almost the entire Philippines. Pacifico Assistance renders service to most of the biggest insurance companies in the Philippines, car manufacturers and distributors, among others. Pacifico Assistance is the pioneer in roadside assistance in the Philippines and is the chosen provider of most major non-life insurance companies. The Company’s superior quality and service reliability have been successfully tested in both normal and challenging times, such as natural calamities and disasters. The Company’s reputation remains undisputed when it comes to roadside assistance service.

Verified as Ibero Asistencia, S.A.

Year of Establishment

September 2019

Nature of Business

Service Provider

No. of Employees

51 - 100 People

Industry Business Services & Consultancy > General Services

Location(s) Makati city (Philippines) |

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Digital Address

Key Contacts

Ebony Mae Castro

Head - Provider Network



Primary My Location

Head-office/Primary office

4F ACE Building, Rada cor dela Rosa Streets,, Legaspi Village,
Makati city Metro manila 1200

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HSN Code

HSN Description

  • 998399

    Other professional

  • 998315

    Hosting and information technology (IT) infrastructure provisioning services

  • 998311

    Management consulting and management services including financial

  • 998222

    Accounting and bookkeeping services

Pacifico Assistance Corporation

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