Covai Property Centre (India) P Ltd

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Coimbatore, India

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Senior Care Centres, Care for Persons with Disabilities, Assisted, Memory and Palliative Care, PolyCare (Family Doctor)


From Real Estate (22 Years) to Senior Care Centres (13 Years) Covai Property Centre India P Ltd has been innovating and creating new concepts in the field of elder care. From Active life in independent living communities, Team Covai and Colonel have become synonymous to senior care. Today Brand CovaiCare is known for Senior Care Centres with independent living, Assisted, Memory (2018), Palliative, Persons With Disability (PWD) Care. Now in Coimbatore we have PolyCare and Day Care Centres.

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Covai Property Centre (I) P Ltd was engaged in real estate development and construction business in Coimbatore since 2001. Pioneer in retirement community projects since 2004, Team Covai and Colonel have their signatures on a number of projects across the country. Even Serene Retirement Communities owe their birth to Colonel.

At Covai, eldercare is more than just brick and mortar. It is a holistic approach to life in its progressive transition. Brand CovaiCare defines happiness, wellness and the spirit of togetherness bundled with a perfect blend of care and compassion.

As pioneers, we have evolved the concept of active life for seniors that others try to emulate. At Covai Care, your expectations become entitlements . As the creator of one of the oldest retirement communities, we use our insights as inputs to better the life of the elderly with constant improvement and innovation by adopting modern technology. CovaiCare ... because We Care!

Dec 2001

11 - 30 employees

Service Provider

  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Head-office/Primary office

    CovaiCare Tower, Gem Nirmaalayam, VG Rao Nagar, Ganapathy
    Coimbatore - 641006
  • Colonel Achal 

    18 Aug 2017, 5 min read

    Motivating & retaining employees: Thoughts on leadership

    Leadership & Management

    Motivating & retaining employees: Thoughts on leadership

    Colonel Achal shares insights on employee motivation and retention based on his experience.

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