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Gaian Solutions

Gaian Solutions

Digital & Technology / IT Software & Services
Hyderabad, India

Gaian is a leading media technology platform company, providing cutting-edge products and solutions in the media and entertainment domain. Gaian’s systems cater to all aspects of the content distribution value chain by performing all standard tasks including content capture, ingest, DRM, asset management, content distribution, content streaming, and STB solution. In addition, the content is eventually delivered across cable, satellite, OTT, & IPTV platforms with real-time ad insertion technology. Gaian ’s products and solutions are spread across the globe— USA, APAC, Mexico, Maldives, and India to name a few. Leading technologists with a decade strong legacy of excellence in cloud based content broadcasting. Having deployed and managed over 9000 screens across the globe, Gaian is proud to have pioneered several technological advancements in the domain. An inventive company with 14 patents in various stages and well-acclaimed leaders on-board.

Service Provider

Private Limited Company


Hyderabad -

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Key Contacts


Ashwini Koppisetti

Ashwini Koppisetti/Head - Marketing & Operations

Gaian Solutions
/ Hyderabad, India

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