Ibero Asistencia S.A

Verified as Ibero Asistencia, S.A.

Makati city, Philippines

Business Services & Consultancy > General Services

Roadside Assistance, Travel Assistance, Home Assistance


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Mapfre Asistencia was founded in Spain in October 1986. It is the youngest company within the grupo Mapfre evolving from a single product company ( Travel Assistance) to a multi service, multi product company ( Assistance, Travel Insurance, Special Risk, Elderly and Travel/Tourism) operating in four continents, Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

The company’s vision is to be the biggest and best assistance multinational in the world. Its mission is to satisfy the needs of its customers/clients by providing them with a complete range of high quality products/services through timely, appropriate and excellent service assistance.

In the Philippines, Mapfre Asistencia’s branch office, IBERO Asistencia was incorporated in May 1998 and started operations in June 1999. IBERO ASISTENCIA operates a 24-hour Call Center, which is equipped with a fully integrated computer, telephone, mapping, database and management systems.
Today, IBERO ASISTENCIA, S. A. Philippines renders service to so

Sep 2019

51 - 100 employees

Service Provider

  • Head-office/Primary office

    4F ACE Building, Rada cor dela Rosa Streets,, Legaspi Village,
    Makati city - 1200

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