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Metal Injection Molding


MIM technology is an emerging manufacturing technology that facilitates with ease, manufacturing of three-dimensional complex shaped tiny (less than 50~ 100 grams) parts in materials like stainless steel, titanium, tungsten and ceramics. The possibility of making inhouse a Mold to produce parts using this technology, has harnessed us with a global reach, whereby today we have reached a global leadership position in MIM technology with customers across 46 countries in diverse market segments

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MIM technology is a near-net shape technology, that allows the complexity of a component to be simplified by its unique characteristic.
MIM has applications in every segment ranging from automotive to medical device manufacturing. Indo-MIM has been a part of creative and innovative applications that include mobile phone parts, mountaineering and sewing machinery. Every new application gets us thinking and conceiving as to how we could facilitate MIM to the benefit of our customers. This partnership approach has fuelled our growth with global OEMs over the past two decades.

Jan 1997

101 - 300 employees

Greater than ₹50 crore


  • Head-office/Primary office


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