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The Startup Lab

The Startup Lab

Professional Services / Research & Consulting Services
Ahmedabad, India

The Startup Lab is a platform which helps startups/SME's, Businesses to initiate, progress and to accomplish their limbs deep in the market by supporting them from day 1. Business Complaisance, Mentoring, Strategy Making, Funding, Audit & Assurance, Taxation Services, Cross border Export-import services, Due Diligence, Strategic business solution, Project Funding, Legal Solution and Business set up services. We offer one stop solution for Startups/SMEs.

The Startup Lab is a team of dedicated professionals comprising CA, CS, Advoctaes, IPR Expert. We are one stop solution to Startups, SME's, Businesses. We advise Startups on choosing right form of business & allow them to leave the rest on us. We are a professionally managed firm offering a gamut of services under one umbrella. It has been on the forefront of the Corporate Sector Advising, Guiding, Servicing and representing many companies’ in India and has had a formidable track record and is distinguished by its people, its clients and timely deliverables. Our legal , Accounting, taxation , consultancy and advisory services play a vital role in implementing robust control mechanisms to facilitate compliance of regulations of the country. We so far served varied industries, Corporates, Individuals .

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  • The StartupLab being awarded as " enabler for Startups" at Vigyan Bhawan on occasion of Na


Lower Ground floor 1, Lajpat Nagar
Ahmedabad - 110024

Primary office,

Shagun Arcade ,Goregaon E
Mumbai - 97

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Key Contacts


Shruti Aggarwal

Shruti Aggarwal/Partner

The Startup Lab
/ Ahmedabad, India

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