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Oklahoma City, United States

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Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Outrider Gas Transports affords natural gas utilities with secure, lightweight, high capacity, small footprint composite cascade trailers for over-the-street gasoline transportation to preserve the energy flowing to quit customers. Our founders believe in questioning otherwise. We deliver a fresh angle to the vintage manner of doing matters. Our answers are focused squarely on our customers’ needs.

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Outrider Gas Transports modules with type compound lightweight design vessels are among the most capable gas-transport systems available the USA. They are used where commercial and eco-conscious customers are not connected to a natural gas pipeline, but still want to utilize natural gas as an efficient source of energy. We are dedicated to being the industry head in mobile natural gas transportation for supply and transmission companies. We want to help our clients be more capable in the field by helping them save time, reduce costs, and improve safety. Outrider’s trailer is the first product specifically designed for problems faced by natural gas utilities.

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