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Manish Pratap Singh

Managing Director at Manabay Intertrade Pvt Ltd

Mumbai, India


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Manabay Intertrade Pvt Ltd

Mumbai, India

Verified as Manabay Intertrade Pvt Ltd

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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as pioneers in “Bird Proofing Solutions”. We are manufacturers, importers and manufacturer’s representatives of the best bird proofing products & technologies from all over the world. Moreover we have indigenized and localized the technologies to suit the specific needs of customers in the Indian sub-continent and introduced the concept of “Integrated Bird Management (IMB)” to tackle all kinds of bird menace.

Incorporation Type

Private Limited Company

Year of Establishment

December 2000

Nature of Business

Service Provider / Manufacturer / Professional Services / Contractor / Retailer

Industry Tools, Machinery & Components > Installation & Maintenance Services

Location(s) Mumbai (India) |

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Manish Singh

Managing Director



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Mumbai Maharashtra

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Manish Pratap Singh

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