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Murthy S Chintalapati

CEO at Ozonetel Communications

Hyderabad, India

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Cloud Call Center, Cloud Contact Center,Cloud IVR,Cloud PBX,Toll Free Number Services, Virtual Number,Marketing Campaign

Ozonetel is leading Cloud Telephony solution provider. We enable businesses to communicate effectively via all the channels, i.e. voice, email, social media, SMS, chat, on one platform with no capital investment. Ozonetel helps to run contact center, provide call management tools, analytics tools to monitor and track the customer interaction. Marketers also use our platform to run innovative customized marketing campaign like miss call campaign, sms campaign, email campaign and many more, just the marketers have to think about the campaign we will make it happen. Few Key points. • Ozonetel has won Frost & Sullivan ICT Award 2015 for “Technology Innovation Leadership in Cloud Telephony Solutions” • Ozonetel has powered Hindustan Unilever Mobile Marketing Campaign KKT (Kan Khajura Tesan), which helped HUL to connect with than 30 million users. • Handled more than 1.5 billion calls • 5000+ Customers across industry • Integrated with all major CRM like Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM etc.

Welcome to Ozonetel Communications, a leading provider in the Telecommunication / Communication Equipment industry.  We are located in Hyderabad and have been serving in India for over 16 years . Our team is made up of 11 - 30 dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. Thank you for considering Ozonetel Communications and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Incorporation Type

Private Limited Company

Year of Establishment

January 2007

No. of Employees

11 - 30 People

Industry Telecommunication > Communication Equipment

Location(s) Hyderabad (India) |

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Key Contacts

Murthy Chintalapati




Primary My Location

Head-office/Primary office

Hyderabad Telangana

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Murthy S Chintalapati

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