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Indore, India

India has a huge number of cancer patients who choose to discontinue their treatment due to lack of funds, ignorance or sometimes due to superstitions. MySanika helps needy patients by raising funds for their treatment and organizes cancer awareness programs. We provide every cancer patient all the help in terms of getting the right treatment and financial aid. In the last year, we have organized seven fundraising and have helped nine needy cancer patients.

We have also partnered with YouWeCan, a foundation of Yuvraj Singh. We did an auction of his autographed t-shirts and caps. The proceeds were used for the education of Cancer survivor kids.

MySanika is an organization that people can trust and depend on, be it patients, families of patients, donors or volunteers. Of course, we would need more people and associations to meet this ambition. I request you all to check out our website at and support us in whatever possible way.

Company Summary

My Sanika is a registered charitable non-governmental organization working for the welfare of needy cancer patients. It was started on January 10, 2017 for the welfare of needy cancer patients. In one year we have helped nine needy cancer patients by organizing seven fundraising events.

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