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FacePass by Salarium

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FacePass by Salarium

FacePass brings you S.A.F.E Tech, an advanced touchless facial recognition device that can detect facemasks and scan body temperature, seamlessly integrated into a complete and customizable Time and Attendance System to meet all your timekeeping needs in the new normal and beyond!

FacePass can also be integrated with Salarium Payroll Solution.

: 03 Feb 2029

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  • What is FacePass?

    FacePass automates your office’s safety entry protocols via S.A.F.E. Tech (Secured Attendance & Face-Enabled Technology) so you won’t have to do it manually. It can be configured to detect facemask, scan body temperature, and record clock-ins and clock-outs—all within seconds. 

    At the same time, FacePass enables your HR Staff to efficiently monitor your employees’ attendance with the complete and customizable Salarium Timekeeping System. It also works with other Salarium timekeeping methods so you can monitor your employees’ time and attendance while keeping them safe WHEREVER they work—office or at home.

    FacePass can also be integrated with Salarium Payroll Solution.

  • S.A.F.E. Tech (Secured Attendance & Face-Enabled Technology)

    S.A.F.E. Tech is an advanced touchless facial recognition biometric device that records clock-ins and clock-outs of registered employees, requiring them to wear their facemasks and have a normal body temperature. 

    The device can instantly identify employees, even while wearing face masks and face shields. It will also prompt a “please wear a mask” message if someone tries to clock-in without a face mask.

    S.A.F.E. Tech can be configured to set a body temperature limit. It will alarm if someone who exceeds the body temperature limit tries to clock-in.

  • Salarium Timekeeping System

    Salarium Timekeeping System enables your HR staff, including Managers and Team Leads, to create unlimited schedules with fixed and flexible shifts. You can set tardiness rules and grace periods for groups of employees. Employees' schedules are displayed on their dashboards so they can easily see any change or update.

    The System allows you to manage overtimes, undertimes, and leave requests. Your employees can file a request via any device, and you can approve them in one click anytime, anywhere. It also instantly generates attendance computation needed for payroll, and needed adjustments can be made easily. All edits, additions, deletions, and viewings in Salarium are stored for auditing purposes. Records are kept in a read-only log that can be accessed or downloaded when needed.


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