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  • Create payment links, or integrate via ecommerce plugins or API
  • Collect payments from a wide range of OTCs, Mobile Wallets and Online Banks
  • Transfer your funds to any bank or mobile wallet for free

: 03 Feb 2029

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  • About Bux

    Bux is an end to end payments solution that aims to provide a seamless experience to both merchants and customers. The platform is accessible through web and Facebook Messenger. This solution allows your customers to pay through over-the-counter, mobile wallets and online banking channels. You can then withdraw the funds you receive from your customers in real-time via any bank or mobile wallet within the InstaPay and PESONet network or if eligible, you can transfer this to your Bux - eon visa card. You can also perform bills payment from our list of partner billers.

  • How to create an account in Bux

    To create an account, you may sign up via web or Facebook. To sign up via the web, go to this link, and click Sign Up. Proceed by providing your email address, full name, and mobile password. If the sign-up credential used is email, a verification link will be sent to you and you may then proceed to creating your profile by providing more information and continuing the registration process. To sign up via Facebook, simply chat with the Bux chatbot via your Facebook Messenger and follow the instructions given. The verification process goes the same way as the email process.


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