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Up to 10% off on Export Services

Business Offer by

Up to 10% off on Export Services

Export helps your business in Documents and Compliance, Labelling, Export Facilitation and Buyer Matching.

It helps suppliers and manufacturers grow globally by providing easy and efficient exporting solutions to bring down the barriers of trade and provide a larger market access.

  • Process your business and export documents today at up to 10% off
  • Be label compliant for markets you want to export to
  • Find the right buyer and grow your business

: 03 Feb 2029

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  • Buyer Matching

    Export has buyers from different countries all around the globe.

    The product catalogue will be sent to all interested buyers. Products are offered to the different markets that we are connected with. Our buyers are also asked if there are any specific products that they want to import.

  • Documentation

    Export makes sure that your products are export-ready by helping you get all the necessary documents.

    After doing business matching and confirming the orders, all the necessary documents and compliances that are needed to export the product are handled by our team.

  • Labelling

    Export understands that each market has different types of requirements in product labels.

    Aside from processing necessary documents, we also offer to relabel and assist with the translation of your product labels to the importing country’s regulations and standards


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