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MediCard RxER

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MediCard RxER

RxER virtual cardholders can avail of the following preventive, outpatient care, and dental care benefits at any MediCard free-standing clinic.

Free unlimited consultations with primary care physicians (General Practitioners and Family Medicine physicians), Pediatricians, Medical Internists and Gynecologists (except maternity-related consultations)

One (1) Annual Physical Exam (Complete Blood Count, Chest X-ray, Urinalysis, General Check-up, Fecalysis)

Dental Care services:

  • free dental consultations, free one (1) time oral prophylaxis, and 30% discount on dental procedures
  • Standard ₱ 350 fee for consultations with other specialists and sub-specialists
  • 30% discount on laboratory and diagnostic tests
  • 30% discount on surgeries and other services
  • 30% discount on procedures at the Skin & Body Laser & Aesthetic Center by MediCard

Get emergency care coverage up to ₱ 20,000 for the following cases:

  • Trauma cases
  • Burns
  • Animal bites
  • Accidental chemical poisoning

Emergency care coverage should be availed of at MediCard-accredited hospitals within six (6) hours from the time of the incident and subject to terms and conditions (click here to see Terms and Conditions 

: 03 Feb 2029

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  • Emergency room coverage includes the following:

    Doctor's services

    Emergency Medicines used during treatment or for immediate relief


    Dressings, ordinary casts, and sutures

    Tetanus toxoid, anti-tetanus serum, and active immunization for rabies

    Basic laboratory, x-ray and other basic diagnostic examinations directly related to the emergency management of the patient.

    CT scan, MRI and ultrasound are covered up to ₱ 5,000 each if deemed necessary for the immediate management of the patient.

    Emergency Complex Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures will be covered by MediCard up to ₱ 5,000

    Reimbursement of approved hospital charges for emergency availments in non-MediCard accredited hospitals

  • Where can you avail Emergency care?

    Emergency care may be availed at MediCard-accredited hospitals. Preventive & Outpatient care may only be availed of at MediCard free-standing clinics (click here to see the list


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