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Payroll Solutions

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Payroll Solutions

30% Discount off your set-up fee!

Automate your Business' Payroll Process, from Clock-in to Payout. Everything Done Online!

  • Transparent Timekeeping: Monitor your employees’ attendance WHEREVER they work (Office or at Home)
  • Effortless Payroll: Accurate computation in just a few clicks. No more manual data importing! All data syncs in real-time. Convenient and Easy to Use.
  • Secure Payout: Pay your employees Anywhere, Anytime. No need to go through banks!
  • Software accessible to ANY device: Time-in or Time-out, check your payroll, or make any transaction, all available to your device.

Interested in making your entire payroll process effortless with Salarium?

We offer a FREE demo to businesses in the Philippines, regardless of industry. Witness how Salarium works and book yours now!

: 03 Feb 2029

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  • Why Salarium?

    • Salarium offers you more than just payroll automation:

    • Complete - Transparent Timekeeping + Effortless Payroll + Secure Payout—all in a single software.

    • Cloud-based - Salarium software is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) for your convenience. Everything is done online!

    • Accessible via any device -  log in to the system using any device that can connect to the internet (mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops)

    • 24/7 Customer Support - live customer service representatives are just a chat or call away any day and anytime if you need any assistance.


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