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ZAP Loyalty Program Business Plus

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ZAP Loyalty Program Business Plus

ZAP Loyalty Program, offers a customized points program for merchants used by over 1000 partner stores. Starts at Php 1250/month (paid annually) per store, the program allows merchants to issue points, track customer behavior and do automated marketing, leading to increased revenues for them.

Not only that, you can reach out to your customers via SMS blasts, have visibility and access to your own loyalty database and monitor the performance of your program!

: 03 Feb 2029

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  • You sign them up. We bring them back

    1. Easy recruitment - Go beyond physical cards! Explore different ways you can engage your customers. (tablet, card, and desktop icon)

    2. Customized program - Your brand front and center. Give a flexible points program based on customer spend or visits.

    3. Database & Analytics - Have visibility on the performance of your rewards program via an online dashboard

    4. Remarketing Tool - Remind your users to earn more points for redemption

    5. Reward online or offline - Have an omnichannel loyalty program to create a seamless experience for your customers


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