Mother’s day special: A tribute to mompreneurs

Mother’s day special: A tribute to mompreneurs

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GlobalLinker Staff

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It’s one thing to be an entrepreneur, but it’s another thing to be a mompreneur — gracing and juggling the world of entrepreneurship and motherhood.

Running a business already comes with myriad challenges, and it's more if you’re a mompreneur. You don’t know how difficult it is until you experience it first hard. But can you imagine juggling these tasks: changing diapers, taking care of children, answering customers’ inquiries, meeting clients’ demands, and managing your employees. 

Today, as we celebrate and honour all mothers in the world, we want to recognize all mompreneurs out there who are working hard day and night. We asked several mompreneurs members of UnionBank GlobalLinker on how they manage to do it all and their reasons for becoming a mompreneur.


Being a mompreneur is a blessing

Sure, there are many challenges along the way. But with the right mindset and proper management, it comes with great rewards. “Remember that great things can come even from small steps and spaces,” celebrity and mompreneur Bettinna Carlos shared on her vlog as she gave some tips to her fellow mompreneurs.

“To all mommies, it’s such a blessing to be a mompreneur – to have your own household to run and also your own business to manage,” she added.

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Learning from failures

Celebrity mompreneur Neri Naig-Miranda highlighted in one of her interviews that success is not possible without failures. As you learn to rise above the difficulties and failures, you get a better perspective and get better at work.

One of the instrumental factors for mompreneurs to succeed is the love and support from their husband and family.


Angelica Chongo
, owner of Mayumi Organics, has a similar outlook. She did not let failures deter her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and left her corporate job to take care of her child with special needs. “I was pacing myself. There were a lot of sacrifices on my part to the point that I’m not going out anymore. But everything is worth it.”


Undying support from family

 One of the instrumental factors for mompreneurs to succeed is the love and support from their husband and family.

In conversation with UnionBank GlobalLinker, Mary Mae Palabrica, owner of Macy’s dollhouse, shared that the support from her husband has helped her quit her high paying corporate job to pursue her business. “I have a very supportive husband who also acts as my coach when it comes to making decisions for the business.”

Janice Berte, owner of Kapeng Barako by HomieGrab, also mentioned how her partnership with her husband has helped her in managing her business. “If I’m not free, my husband is the one who handles it. I don’t need to tell it to him. Like what they say, it takes two to tango. You should be hand-in-hand to help each other in the business.”

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Leaving a legacy for her children

As a career woman for years, venturing into entrepreneurship wasn’t easy for Rebecca Topacio, president of Jimbec Food products under Silver Ace Franchising, but she believes that she has to take the first step and take the business route for her children.

“I had to do it for my children. The limelight is no longer focus on me,” she said in an interview with UnionBank GlobalLinker.

One thing that’s admirable to all mompreneurs and mothers is their inherent character of doing the best, making sacrifices to provide the best and bright future for their children.

To all mothers, mommies, and mompreneurs, happy mother’s day! A day is never enough to recognize all your efforts and hard work for your family.

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