How to start digitizing your business

How to start digitizing your business

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UnionBank Publication

UnionBank Publication

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If you own a micro, small or medium enterprise, bringing your business online unlocks several opportunities: increased visibility, stronger relationships with partners or customers, and the promise of optimizing operations.


Without the technical skills and the right digital tools however, digitizing your business can become more of a challenge instead of an opportunity.


Thanks to digital platform UnionBank GlobalLinker, you now have a single destination online to expand your business network, collaborate with colleagues, market your products and services, and save costs with exclusive deals and promos. By signing up on the platform, entrepreneurs can enjoy these benefits with zero to minimal costs.


Here are the things you can do to your business through the UnionBank GlobalLinker:

1. Expand your business network

Business opportunities happen when you establish and maintain strong links with suppliers, partners, and customers. The platform’s Network function gives you your own eBiz Card and lets you look for other entrepreneurs using industry, location, product, service, and other filters.

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The Network feature also lets you connect with individuals and companies you can collaborate with. It allows you to invite your business colleagues and other companies to sign up on the platform.

2. Share and gain expertise

Watching out for industry news will help guide the decisions you make in running and growing your business. Through the Knowledge section of the platform, you can access reliable news sources to keep you updated on recent trends and developments.

The Knowledge function also lets you share your expertise by writing your own article, which will help boost your credibility and become a thought leader. When you publish 10 articles, you will receive a special badge and will be recognized as an ‘SME Expert'.


You can also interact with other entrepreneurs by leaving comments on their articles and discussions, making the platform a great way to learn and share new information.

3. Establish your online presence 

Some entrepreneurs do not have the technical skills to build their own website or online store. In just a few clicks, you can have both through the UnionBank GlobalLinker. A feature called Online Store lets you put up your own store equipped with inventory management and data analysis tools, where you can monitor trends and activities. An easy-to-use drag and drop website builder on the platform also makes website-building cheaper and more convenient.


You now have a single destination online to expand your business network, collaborate with colleagues, market your products and services, and save costs with exclusive deals and promos.


4. Get access to exclusive cost-cutting deals

Reduced costs can help you increase revenue and savings. This is how the platform’s Offers feature helps. Offers such as credit card deals, online courses, HR software, and hotel discounts are designed and packaged in negotiated terms to help you cut on costs.


To increase opportunities for your business, you can also make your own special offer by going to Listings.


You can also have your own checking account by availing Biz Starter with P5,000 as maintaining balance. This is exclusive for UnionBank GlobalLinker members!


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5. Collaborate with your colleagues and partners

Aside from being visible to your market, bringing your business online also provides opportunities for better operational efficiency. UnionBank GlobalLinker gives you tools that let you work more seamlessly with your links.


When you enroll on the platform, you get a storage service called eBriefcase. It lets you upload word documents, spreadsheets, and slides that can be shared to your links. Your business starts with an overall cap of 4GB, but you can purchase additional space at a cost.

The platform also includes a built-in calendar that lets you schedule tasks, events, and meetings. The calendar lets you view the availability of your links before you decide on schedules and send invites. You can also synchronize your e-mail on the platform so your other business related communications become easily accessible.

Joining UnionBank GlobalLinker lets you jumpstart your business’ digitization and growth. From creating a network of potential partners, to widening your market reach, and saving costs, the platform equips you with essential tools that will help your business thrive online.

Visit to start your digital innovation journey or download the UnionBank GlobalLinker app on Play Store and App Store.

Article source: Juan Manila Express

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