5 Ways Digital Has Impacted The Growth of Businesses

5 Ways Digital Has Impacted The Growth of Businesses

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The digital landscape has truly changed the way businesses work for the past decade. As we all experience these changes, the business owners of the present age also need to learn how to cope with these changes. How exactly has digital marketing affected the way business entrepreneurs manage their businesses?


How Digital Marketing Has Affected PH Businesses

It is undeniable that digital marketing has greatly impacted entrepreneurs, big and small. Here are some of the ways digital marketing has changed the playing field:

  • Equal Opportunities: With companies making profiles for their businesses on social media platforms left and right, everyone has an opportunity to be heard by their target audience.

  • Low Investment, High Return: It’s not that people are spending less per se--it’s that businesses are learning where to invest their money –- smartly and efficiently.

  • Wider Reach: As the Philippines has one of the highest online populations in the world, people are easier to reach online. With your target market available almost 24/7, it is easier to establish business relationships with everyone.

  • Availability:  With an audience that’s almost always available, having an online presence in any digital platform means business is extending beyond the normal operating hours of brick-and-mortar stores. People are learning to connect  with brands via rich and relatable customer experience.

  • Flexibility: Business owners can quickly assess whether their ads are doing positively or negatively based on the target audience’s response. As getting the audience response is faster, businesses can adjust their campaigns and optimize strategies faster. This is an improvement over traditional ways of advertising, where businesses pay for spaces on publications or airtime on different media without gauging the effectiveness of campaign, in numbers.


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