Create a logo that embodies your brand & communicates your story

Create a logo that embodies your brand & communicates your story

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GlobalLinker Staff

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A company’s brand is one of the most important assets when it comes to distinguishing it from competition and standing tall in a crowded market place. Logos are an integral component of the brand of an enterprise. They are the emblems of a company that embody the name and other important elements of the business. A logo anchors a company's brand and becomes the single most visible manifestation of the company within the target market. The giant arches of the letter “M” are synonymous with the popular fast-food chain McDonalds and an apple with a bite taken out of is instantly recognizable as the technology giant – Apple. This type of immediate recognition is the hallmark of a great logo.

A logo must essentially communicate the unique story of the company and brand. Good logos are the reflection of the company's image and must have the necessary qualities and appealing graphics incorporated into their design for them to generate business. Simple logo features like text style, font, colour and graphics play a major role in determining a company's image.

Here are some qualities that a good logo must embody:

  1. Represent the company’s identity
    Customised logos are the embodiment of the company's identity. They are a visual representation of a company's nature, quality, attitude, and character. They give the business credibility and establish immediate recognition for the company. There are various examples of clever customised logos that have made companies and their products famous. It is vital for a company to have a logo that sets itself apart and that which does not look like the competition.

  2. Engaging & visually appealing
    Credible logos have the power to persuade. Customised logos project the image of the company in the market. If the image projected is engaging, it draws customers. For instance, the Apple logo represents the “forbidden fruit” from the “Tree of Knowledge” and has a biblical reference. Apple as a brand is synonymous with design excellence and the logo aptly conveys the same. The logo is a creative and clever representation of the high brand quality and the company’s enduring commitment to innovation.

  3. Scalability
    The success of a logo is often determined by its scalability. To get the maximum mileage out of a logo it should be useable in various sizes and in multiple media. A good example is how the Nike "swoosh" logo can be found on a variety of items that include exercise wear, shoes, and clothes.

  4. Effective use of colour
    The effective use of colour is a common factor in most well-known brand logos. Some of the most memorable brands (like Nike, Adidas and Lacoste) have generated huge sales largely based on the strength of their logos. These logos consist of simple, solid primary colours like red, blue, green and white. It is imperative to use colour in a logo, in a way that enhances brand value and recognition.

  5. Original
    Most importantly, a company logo must be original. It must be equipped with a registered trademark and should directly reflect the uniqueness and brand value of the company.

  6. Created by an expert
    Since logos are such a critical element in defining a company’s identity, one must employ the services of an expert to create a customised logo. Logo Design Services is the ultimate solution for your logo and other corporate design requirements. Our designs are innovative, contemporary and elegant. We pride ourselves on delivering designs that are tailored to the requirements of our clients and partners.


A well-designed logo is considered the cornerstone of a company’s branding and advertising strategy. A good logo should be “immortal” and able to stand the test of time as the enduring symbol of the company’s identity.

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