Digitalization Bill: A Driving Force In Digital Transformation

Digitalization Bill: A Driving Force In Digital Transformation

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Butz Bautista

Butz Bautista

112 week ago — 3 min read

Small scale businesses' positive performance in 2021 is attributed to intense customer satisfaction and business strategy. Regaining business momentum, especially in the trading or services industries, is every entrepreneur's goal. However, challenge facing an entrepreneur is legislative measures to accelerate and sustain economic recovery by prioritizing legislative efforts.


Adopting the 10-point policy plan of Executive Order 166 to sustain and accelerate economic recovery and drive broad-based expansion across various productive sectors ensures that all related policies and measures in programs are aligned with principles. One of the principles is to accelerate digital transformation through legislative measures. The national government shall prioritize the passage of key legislation on digital transformation to improve connectivity and facilitate the country's digital transformation. Other bills supporting the executive order are the bill on ease of doing business and sharpening the country's global competitiveness as an investment haven.


Acceleration and sustaining economic recovery through legislative measures will improve consistency in e-governance: 

  • Digitally transformed business transaction by providing fast and reliable service.
  • It provides the country with new growth opportunities. 
  • Provide connectivity among users nationwide through the use of digital tools. 
  • Open new job opportunities in remote communities.


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