How an Online Presence Can Help Your Business

How an Online Presence Can Help Your Business

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In this day and age, having an online presence and succeeding in business might as well go hand in hand.  Some businesses can thrive on an online platform alone, while others may still be in the incubation stage yet can already establish their name and brand on the Web.

By having a presence online, you get to enjoy these benefits:


  • The world is a click away.

When you have a presence online, the whole world can be your market.  Messaging apps, websites and e-mail allow you to communicate with local and international patrons as easily as if they were in the next room.

Caitlin Alolong, founder of Vegan Bytes, shares, “I’m on Instagram and Facebook. [These platforms] help me through notifications, [wherein my customers] don’t need to go to me directly.”

  • You’re available 24/7.

In the same vein, with the ease of technology and the advent of mobile data, you can get online anytime, anywhere – which means your customers can get in touch with you any time they need to.  Of course, this means you have to step up your game and check your digital communication lines often, so you can be seen as a prompt and accessible business owner.

Caitlin adds, “I take my orders online and through text, and constantly communicate via those methods."

  • It’s the best place for feedback.

From being able to interact directly with your customers to studying analytics to determine what they want, having an online presence gives you a glimpse into the most important source for success – your market’s wants and needs.  Take full advantage with sites like Google Analytics or Facebook’s Analytics for Apps.

Vatos Tacos founder Joseph Garcia shares how a startup can get online feedback even in the simplest way: “You can see on Facebook the stats of how many people [you’ve reached] and everything. I can tell what they like [based on what they view, Like and comment on among] the pictures we post and so forth … so basically it gives us insight on what’s going on in their minds.”


  • YOU are in-charge of your image.

In creating an online presence, you have all the power to choose a design, create relevant content and even channel a specific personality.  Also, social media and other platforms are so easy to use that you can cement and “personify” your brand in a matter of days.

“Since we just started, having the platforms enable us to communicate better with our market and also communicate the whole idea of [our brand],” Wuju Yummy Grilled Rice Cakes founder Charz Mendoza says.

  • Social media advertising does wonders for your business.

Social media is the hip place to be right now, which means everyone is on it.  Use this to your advantage by making worthwhile investments in social media advertising, which has been found to raise brand recognition, improve customer loyalty, constantly build and grow a following, and increase your humanizing element to make you more appealing to your audience.  It’s a faster, easier way to get word out about your product, and the best part is it’s available to everyone.

Charz says, “[Marketing] would be harder, I guess, for a small business – like, we can’t afford large media platforms – but social media allows us to connect with our audience and basically also get their reactions and engage with them.”

  • It’s casual, it’s instant, and it’s not overbearing.

Admit it – print and other forms of offline advertising can be very in-your-face, commanding and even annoying at times.  It’s not ineffective, but it’s certainly nothing unique – plus, of course, it costs much more than online ads. With online advertising and great content, you can project a more helpful, likable and casual image that promotes your brand in a fresh and implicit way – a strategy which has been proven more effective in this day and age.


  • Payment is safe, simple and convenient.

E-commerce sites and digital platforms have come a long way not only for business owners but for customers as well.  Now they can examine, order, and even pay for products online. Shopping Cart software makes everything more convenient, while having a secure payment gateway comforts and encourages customers toward your brand.


Undoubtedly, there are many benefits that a business owner can reap from having an online presence.  But while apps, programs and websites make many things easier, there’s a challenge that comes with the process.

For your brand to really thrive, your presence on the Web needs to be integrated with your business strategy.  Make sure you’re taking full advantage of the platforms you use – this means regularly checking for updates and customer feedback.  Get to know the platform you’re using, be it social media, a website or an app, and understands its features and functions.

With that said, do research, familiarize yourself with the platform, and keep your customers happy– the results will undoubtedly be worth it!


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