How this mompreneur got a wider market with her online store

How this mompreneur got a wider market with her online store


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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A stay-at-home mom envisioned her products to be a staple food in every home’s pantry. With much thought and countless trial and errors, Lady Dianne Santos successfully launch her brand, Dianne’s Kitchen Staples (DKS).


In an interview with GlobalLinker (GL), Lady Dianne Santos (LDS) shares how she brought this business idea to life with grit and determination.


GL: Tell us a little bit about your business journey. What motivated and excited you to start it?

LDS: It was my husband who encouraged me to do something at home to keep me busy since I am a stay-at-home mom. I tried to think of something I can make then sell. And with lots of trial and error of recipes, I came up with our very first product - the Savoury Garlic Bits in Oil. From there, we sourced our suppliers, brainstormed for the right branding, drafted our logo and labels and finally we launched Dianne's Kitchen Staple in October 15, 2018, 


UBGL: Tell us about your brand, what makes it unique? 

LDS: Basically, from the brand name itself – Dianne's Kitchen Staples, we aim to give the market a product line that will definitely become a staple food in their pantry. 

Since DKS is home-based, our products are not commercially mass produced so you can expect a richer taste in every product. Especially our flagship product, Savoury Garlic Bits in Oil, it is made with the right balance of taste of garlic and spices. Its crunchy bits will give you more texture than crushed ones. 


Dianne Kitchen Staples


UBGL: What do you hope to achieve with your entrepreneurial journey?  

LDS:  We look forward to create more satisfying products that will tickle every Filipino taste bud. We want to make it big!  So that through our business, we can help others to make a living.


GL: What advice would you give to a new entrepreneur setting up their first business?

LDS: For someone who wants to put up their own business, do not be afraid to start small. And when you are starting, don't focus so much on sales.  Do not get me wrong; of course, you want a profitable business.  But it is very important to pay attention to the quality of your products/services. Because at the end of the day, having good quality products will eventually give you a profitable business. 


GL: You took part in the InLife Sheroes Digital Bazaar: Bida and Pinay. How does UnionBank GlobalLinker help you so far? And why should other SMEs use it too?

LDS: It helped me to have my own website for FREE! It helped me reach a wider market and it linked me to other SMEs across the country. Other SMEs should use it too because it is free and they can have a wider market to offer their products. 


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To explore business opportunities, connect with Lady Dianne Santos by clicking on the 'Invite' button on her eBiz Card.

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