Johanson Cheng: Utilizing digital tools and channels to empower entrepreneurs

Johanson Cheng: Utilizing digital tools and channels to empower entrepreneurs

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

184 week ago — 4 min read

Enterprise: Entrepnegosyo
Founder: Johanson Cheng
Industry:  Business Services & Consultancy
Year it was founded: 2005
Location: Manila, Philippines

Being a seasoned entrepreneur, Johanson Dy Cheng understands the ins and outs of business; that behind the glitz and glamour stories of successful business owners there are sleepless nights, tough decisions, and sacrifices.

This led him to promote entrepreneurial literacy and started an information gateway called ‘EntrepNegosyo,’ intended to help the country’s business community. The platform, established in 2005, provides business news, bulletins, research, and technology advancement that budding business owners can utilize for their advantage.

To date, EntrepNegosyo has more than 5,000 entrepreneurs who are maximizing the platform to grow their business.

Being an entrepreneur would give you the chance to learn something new every day. Every day becomes an opportunity to challenge yourself.

“It aims to assist MSMEs to promote and sell their products and services, connect with new customers, and keep existing customers. It aims to be the top of mind community for consumers who are looking for reliable products and services,” Cheng shares.

True to his mission, Cheng has stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic to become a source of support for business owners.  In fact, he partnered with UnionBank GlobalLinker to help entrepreneurs create their own professional online stores for free. With the partnership, members of EntrepNegosyo can also access a pool of knowledge tools, training, and exclusive deals on UnionBank GlobalLinker. They can also network with over 350,000 micro, small, and medium (MSMEs) enterprises on the platform.

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As his initiative continues to aid MSMEs in this difficult period, Cheng shares a piece of advice for all entrepreneurs who are navigating the new normal. “You can challenge yourself. Working in an office would mean having a daily routine, doing the same tasks every day, having the same tasks every day. But being an entrepreneur would give you the chance to learn something new every day and improving yourself on your chosen career. Every day becomes an opportunity to challenge yourself.”

Aside from helping entrepreneurs, Cheng continues to give back by extending aid to different causes such as helping the children with cerebral palsy from marginalized sector. Considering it as his lifelong mission, he continues to raise awareness about children with cerebral palsy, educate stakeholders and provide appropriate opportunities for development and a better life.

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