How to become happier at work

How to become happier at work

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

9 Jul 2017, 18:04 — 3 min read

Many people believe that happiness is the result of success at work. In fact, the reverse is true. if you are happy at work; you are likely to be more successful and productive. Happiness is not necessarily a consequence of situations – it is a choice. Here are some useful tips to ensure that you enjoy a high life state at work.


  1. Make your work space warm & inviting
    Personalising your work space, keeping it neat & clean are just some of the ways to make your office more inviting. On your pin board, apart from important numbers and a to-do list, you can put up some inspirational quotes or even a couple of family pictures. Having a small good luck charm, plant or picture of a god on your desk also enhances positivity.

  2. Be empathetic & warm with co-workers
    While its important to maintain office decorum and professionalism at work, it is equally important to develop warm and empathetic relations with your superiors and co-workers. Its important to view your office as a family where there is genuine warmth and care for each other. Always be willing to assist co-workers. This builds a sense of camaraderie and also increases one’s self-worth. Helpful people are valued in an organisation and they in turn savour a deeper sense of joy at work.

  3. Comparisons are futile
    Comparing yourself to others is absolutely futile. We each have our own unique capabilities, circumstances and journeys. It’s important to value yourself while appreciating others as well.

  4. Develop an attitude of gratitude
    The simplest way to practice gratitude is to write down at least one positive at the end of each work day. Its important to live mindfully and to be grateful for everything that is going right at your workplace. At the same time, it’s important not to slip into complacency, but to be proactive about working harder and creating greater value at work.

  5. Build an organisation that creates value and celebrates differences
    Organisations must really empower individuals and create value in society. Whether it is assimilating differently-abled people in your work fold, or contributing your expertise for social development – there is great joy in giving back to society. 

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