HR Automation: 5 modules for smoother HR processes

HR Automation: 5 modules for smoother HR processes

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Jolin Nguyen

Jolin Nguyen

29 Mar 2019, 11:51 — 4 min read

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) tend to have limited resources when it comes to financial and human capital. In particular, some Human Resources (HR) tasks are tedious, such as maintaining records about employees, salary details, and contracts. What makes it more tedious is when these tasks are done manually.

As business owners, if you fail to see the potential pitfalls of doing things manually, it can cost you much in terms of investing unnecessary manpower and decreasing efficiency. Services to streamline business processes like HR automation helps you to spend more time on pressing matters: growing your business and caring for your customers.

HR automation is an intersection of human resource management and information. It refers to the process of transitioning from paper-based HR processes to computer-based or web-based information management system. 

, an HR software provider, makes HR solutions simpler and smarter. They provide five modules that are designed to help your HR processes run smoother and quicker on just one platform for all your essential HR needs.


1. eProfile
Imagine rummaging through a stack of files to hand over to your new employees. Manually looking up for these files can consume much of your time which can be utilized in more important tasks.

With eProfile, new joiners can access and can complete onboarding tasks by themselves. This service allows different departments to work together through a cloud system. You can find important files with the help of keyword(s) search. It’s also handy for employees who work out of office as information can be accessed on smartphones.

2. ePayroll
Your employees are one of your assets in the company. If they don’t get paid the right amount or they don’t get paid on time, this can cause trouble for your business. So why use outdated and ineffective payroll processes, if you can automate it?

ePayroll automates calculations so you can process monthly salaries with ease and can reduce calculation errors. Reports and figures can also be extracted with ease; thus, you can track and plan as needed.

3. eLeave

With eLeave, employees can access their leave information and apply online. Emails are then sent to supervisors for approval and the outcome can be known in minutes. There’s no need to manually track leave balance because it is automatically calculated.

4. eClaim
Managing and approving claims can sometimes be challenging, especially if it’s done manually. With eClaim, the goal is to simplify the process of managing and approving claims. Procedures are stated clearly so employees can apply themselves without having to approach HR. There’s no need to wait until month-end to submit forms when it can be done through the portal. Moreover, claims do not have to be done manually anymore.

When your employees work outside the office, how do you track their time? With eTime, your employees can mark attendance through their mobile phones which provides greater convenience especially for your staff who work from home or who work different shifts. This also prevents time clock fraud with the help of selfie-mode function.

These are just some of the services that you can take advantage of to streamline your business processes. With advancement in technology, it’s time to bid goodbye to time-consuming and tedious manual processes, and adopt digital technologies that lead to business growth.

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