Create your own online store on UnionBank GlobalLinker for free

Create your own online store on UnionBank GlobalLinker for free


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

203 week ago — 5 min read

With more and more consumers going online, creating your own online store for your business should be part of your priority, especially in this time when the COVID-19 pandemic restricts people to go outside their home.

While there are platforms out there offering an online store, maintaining and paying for monthly fees can be an issue for you. But did you know that you can create an online store on UnionBank GlobalLinker for free?

You can completely use all features of UnionBank GlobalLinker’s ecommerce platform for free to help you and other business owners navigate the digital world to grow your brand, expand sales, and reach customers both locally and internationally.


Creating your own online store through UnionBank GlobalLinker allows you to have the following:


  • Online store to showcase your brand and sell your products

  • Inventory management system

  • Wide-range of design theme you can select to customize your website

  • Payment gateway (to allow your customers to pay online)

  • Logistics integration


Aside from these features, you can also customize your own store URL and integrate web analytics to track store performance.

While other e-commerce platforms also allow you to create an online store, only its basic features are offered for free. To use their advanced features, you need to pay for premium plans or pay for monthly fees.

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With UnionBank GlobalLinker, you don’t need to pay for a premium plan or a monthly fee to maintain your online store. All of its features are completely free to use. Thus, you can save on costs that you can use on other initiatives of your business.


5-easy steps to create your online store on UnionBank GlobalLinker


1. Sign in with your UnionBank GlobalLinker account
Once you signed in to your UnionBank GlobalLinker, click ‘Online Store’ from the header menu option. From the online store page, click on ‘Create your own eStore.’


If you don’t have a UnionBank GlobalLinker account yet, you can create your own account here for free.


2. Set up your online store

Once you’re on the ‘Online Store’ page, click on ‘Get Started’. You will be directed to the ‘Seller Dashboard’. Click on ‘Create your store’ Click on ‘Get Started’. 

To start setting up your online store, you need to finalize the following:

  • Store name for your business

  • Add basic details like contact information and URL

  • Select a theme template that you can customize for the overall look of your store.


3. Add products

After filling up the necessary information for your online store, you can now start adding products by clicking on ‘Inventory’.

You can add your products manually through the ‘Products’ feature.  But for large volume of products, it’s best to click on ‘Import products’, download sample import format (excel sheet), and bulk upload your products and its corresponding images.


4. Add banners and customize color scheme

Once your products are uploaded on your store, you can start customizing your homepage by adding banners and featured products according to your selected store theme.


5. Activate payment gateway and logistics


To process your shipping requirements for your orders, activate logistics option, click on Stores > Settings > Logistics


Payment Gateway

Having a payment gateway for your online store allows your customers to conveniently pay your store via online. To activate payment options at the time of customer checkout, click on Stores > Settings >Payment


To summarize, here’s the 5-quick and easy steps to set up your online store:

1. Sign in with your UnionBank GlobalLinker account

2. Set up your online store

3. Add products

4. Add banners and customize color scheme

5. Activate payment gateway and logistics

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After taking these steps, you can now launch your online store and reach customers beyond your geographical reach! Going digital is definitely the future of business. Adapting to the changes and embracing technology can take your business to the next level.

For any questions and concerns on creating your online store on UnionBank GlobalLinker, you can email us at or join the community of online sellers here

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