Now is the best time to use Videos to build your business

Now is the best time to use Videos to build your business

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Raffy Francisco

Raffy Francisco

31 Jul 2018, 13:27 — 3 min read

Videos will go a long way in the Philippines considering we are the world leader in Social Media according to a report by UK-based consultancy 'We Are Social'. Spending almost four hours on social media, one of your best bets to catch the attention of your Philippine target market is through video content. Adults can read long articles (like this one) however the younger market will probably give you 5 seconds at most to make your case on Facebook before they press the dreaded “Skip Ad”.


Video is more engaging. You can tell short stories and show off your product’s benefits more dramatically if you showed it on video. No wonder those “As seen on TV” infomercials can send you in to a virtual time warp. Now, we always look forward to the next tear-jerker video that would go viral come Mother’s Day or Christmas day.


Knowing your target market, creating content specific to them would help keep them glued to your message. If you’re selling a unique travel bag with 100 different uses, you could feature a video on how to use the bag in a different way daily. That way your customers will find even more value to their products long after their purchase.


The better you know the brand, the more intimate a relationship you’ll have with your customers. With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat offering various ways of getting your video message to your target market, producing compelling Video content will give you a leg up on your competition.


As they say, 'Content is King' and let’s always remember the quality and craftsmanship behind your videos reflects your brand’s values.

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