Philippine delegates reconnect after TradeConnect event

Philippine delegates reconnect after TradeConnect event


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GlobalLinker’s first flagship event, TradeConnect didn’t end in Singapore; for the delegates from the Philippines, it was just the beginning of a journey to further grow their business. The select 25 winners from different parts of the country gathered at UnionBank’s head office on 29th  November, 2018 to discuss business opportunities, initiate programs for the members of UnionBank GlobalLinker, and reconnect with each other.

UnionBank GlobalLinker’s lead proponent, Dino Velasco, welcomed the winners who were present at the head office. Meanwhile, participants from the provinces were able to take part via video conference. Velasco expressed his gratitude to the winners for actively engaging on the platform.

UnionBank GlobalLinker team member, Mourese Soriano led the meeting and introduced his fellow team members from UnionBank - Marianne Urbano and Francisco Gozos III; and from GlobalLinker - Amita Medhekar, Sanket Medhekar, Airamae Guerrero, and Carlos Espedido


TradeConnect winners with UnionBank GlobalLinker team


As Soriano led the meeting, he once again presented the digital platform to the winners and explained its special features. There was also a question and answer session to help the winners navigate the platform better.

Furthermore, the TradeConnect winners brewed their own insights and ideas for the UnionBank GlobalLinker platform and shared it during the meeting.  Aside from the fruitful discussion, the winners were given the opportunity to tour around the UnionBank office.

The TradeConnect event in Singapore is a global SME meet up for cross border
 knowledge and trade hosted on the sidelines of the Singapore FinTech Festival where business owners from the Philippines, India, and Singapore meet and discuss cross border trade opportunities and attend expert sessions on digitization.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views, official policy or position of GlobalLinker. 

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