Take your business further: Introducing SeedIn, a crowdfunding platform for SMEs

Take your business further: Introducing SeedIn, a crowdfunding platform for SMEs

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SeedIn PH

SeedIn PH

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For any entrepreneur, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), getting enough funds to grow their business is a huge challenge. Without a doubt, considering it as a challenge is an understatement of grand proportion, especially with the growing popularity of startups or SMEs that made it harder for a business owner to stand out from the others and get the capital they need from financial institutions.

Traditional financial institutions remain a barrier to SMEs as it requires quite demanding requirements for them to avail loans. It’s even more difficult for any entrepreneur when their business has low credit scores. That’s why some entrepreneurs end up asking help from their family or friends or getting personal loans to support their business growth.

But if you believe in your business, there are alternative and modern ways to address your growing desire of getting enough capital for your venture. One example is through availing short-term loans from SeedIn Technology, Southeast Asia’s largest business financing platform where businesses seeking short-term financing can connect with individuals and businesses seeking short-term investments.

SeedInTechnology is a FinTech company that enables financial inclusion for SMEs and investors. We cater to businesses looking for financing and investors interested in funding projects. In short, we serve both borrower (SMEs) and lender (investors) markets,” Edison Tsai, SeedIn Technology Partner and Executive Director, explained in an interview with techshake.asia.

Aside from supporting businesses through providing business loans, SeedIn also supports individuals 
who are looking for ways to grow their money. “A lot of the focus is on helping these SMEs, but what many of these business financing platforms fail to recognize is the other side of the equation – helping investors to get better returns for their investments,” Tsai added.

To enable more businesses to grow further, entrepreneurs have better financial options through the services provided by SeedIn. If you’re looking for capital to finance and grow your business, you can avail SME Financing. On the other hand, if you’re an individual looking to grow your money, you can avail the Financial Freedom service.

These services will not only help businesses in reducing cash flow gaps, but it will also help in enhancing capital growth at a lower cost of credit than other traditional alternative financing companies, and also within a shorter fund-processing period.

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SeedIn is South East Asia's largest Business Financing Platform where local businesses seeking short-term financing connect with individuals and businesses seeking short-term...