Unwrapping Joy: UnionBank GlobalLinker Empowers Merry Merchants for a Flourishing Christmas Season

Unwrapping Joy: UnionBank GlobalLinker Empowers Merry Merchants for a Flourishing Christmas Season


Donna Musni

Donna Musni

31 week ago — 4 min read

As the holiday season paints the Philippines with festive colors, two remarkable merchants from UnionBank GlobalLinker's vibrant community are stepping into the spotlight through the Merry Merchant deals—Sonia's Cakes n Bakes Inc and Jacob's Gourmet Foods. Beyond offering delightful Christmas Sale products, these businesses embody the spirit of quality, innovation, and community upliftment.


1. Sonia's Cakes n Bakes Inc: Crafting Christmas Magic since 1985

Sonia's Cakes n Bakes Inc has been weaving a tale of culinary delight since 1985, consistently serving quality breads, cakes, pastries, and desserts. Committed to values of quality, innovation, and affordability, Sonia's Christmas Sale invites you to "Relish in the Magic of the Season." Their lineup, starting from as low as P119, ensures a stress-free gift-giving experience. From delicious pastries to customizable sets, Sonia's provides options that cater to every budget and taste.


Sonia's Cakes n Bakes - Christmas Products


UnionBank GlobalLinker's Impact on Sonia's Cakes n Bakes Inc

UnionBank GlobalLinker has played a pivotal role in Sonia's journey, providing a digital platform that facilitates connection and growth. Through UnionBank GlobalLinker, Sonia's expanded its reach, connected with a wider audience, and seamlessly showcased their Christmas Sale offerings. The platform's tools and community support have empowered Sonia's Cakes n Bakes Inc to navigate the complexities of the busy holiday season and reach customers looking for the perfect Christmas treats.


2. Jacob's Gourmet Foods: Elevating Filipino Flavors to the World

Jacob's Gourmet Foods, the pioneer in crafting organic gourmet foods using extra virgin olive oil, stands as the #PambansangGourmetNgPinoy. With a global market presence in 28 countries, Jacob's is committed to "Bringing Filipino Flavors to the World" while supporting organic farming and local fishermen.


Their Christmas Sale, "A Christmas Basket of A Healthy & Happy Life," reflects their advocacy of sharing joy and blessings. A portion of their sales goes to different orphanages, embodying their belief that businesses should be channels of blessing to others.

Jacob's Gourmet Food - Christmas Packs


UnionBank GlobalLinker's Impact on Jacob's Gourmet Foods

UnionBank GlobalLinker has been instrumental in helping Jacob's Gourmet Foods amplify its impact. Through the platform, Jacob's connected with a diverse business community, enabling collaborations and partnerships that align with their mission. UnionBank GlobalLinker's tools facilitated the showcasing of their Christmas Sale, allowing Jacob's to spread the joy of Filipino flavors globally and locally.


Uniting Communities, Spreading Joy

As Sonia's Cakes n Bakes Inc and Jacob's Gourmet Foods embrace the holiday rush, UnionBank GlobalLinker stands as the backbone of their digital presence. By providing a space for networking, collaboration, and seamless transactions, UnionBank GlobalLinker ensures that these Merry Merchants can focus on what they do best—spreading joy through their delightful Christmas offerings. In the heart of the festive season, UnionBank GlobalLinker continues to be the bridge that unites businesses and communities, making the holidays brighter for all. 


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