What entrepreneurs are saying about TradeConnect

What entrepreneurs are saying about TradeConnect


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

246 week ago — 4 min read

Four days to go before GlobalLinker’s biggest international event for entrepreneurs! But you would probably wonder, ‘why would I even bother to go to Singapore and attend TradeConnect?’

You might be busy growing your business, meeting customers’ demands, managing your team, but attending an international conference like TradeConnect where you get to meet entrepreneurs from India and ASEAN, and listen to reputable business leaders, is something that can take your business to its next level.

If you’re still asking, ‘what’s in it for me?’ Here are what other entrepreneurs are saying about TradeConnect:

Trade Connect event opened my eyes to the endless growth opportunities outside of the Philippines. Cross border growth is the only way to go to help our economy!” Audrey Regis, owner of Audrey’s Confectioneries.

From being a delegate last year, Audrey is now one of the speakers for this year’s TradeConnect, sharing her business journey for the first time on an international platform. She’s also encouraging business owners to create innovative products that can cater to customers not just in the Philippines, but also worldwide. “The end goal is to have international standards (for your product) and not just local!”



“This event has moved and motivated me to aim and work harder on creating a better platform for my business. I did not just gain knowledge and experience, but I also gained new friends who have encouraged and influenced me to grow as an individual and as an entrepreneur.” Stefanie Sison Laurian, Proprietor, Mananam Food Products.

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Embracing the value of networks – both physical and digital, - TradeConnect is your chance to meet your next business partner, fellow entrepreneurs, international suppliers, potential investors, big clients, or even a mentor!

“My major takeaway from this event is that we should not be afraid of the dynamics of technology. And that business progress is directly with innovation,” Stefanie added.  Going digital and utilizing the dynamics of technology are no longer options, but a necessity to grow your business, learning how to maximize the power of automation and online marketing to your business advantage.

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“ TradeConnect event opened my eyes to the endless growth opportunities outside of the Philippines. Cross border growth is the only way to go to help our economy!”

“It has been a wonderful 4 days in Singapore! Met new friends, made new connections and most importantly, I came home with a bigger vision for my business ‘The Fulfilled Women’. I’m definitely excited for what lies ahead! Thank you so much UnionBank GlobalLinker.” Viviene Bigornia, Founder of The Fulfilled Women.

Seeing the bigger picture and vision for your business is also what Mittesh Gaiwala, Director & Creative Head of Greenlands from India, mentioned when asked about his TradeConnect experience.  “TradeConnect has left me with a bigger vision for my business, shown me the transformative power of digitization, while also helping make new global friends.

Be part of this year’s TradeConnect!

Want to be part of TradeConnect? We are extending an invite to you! Through UnionBank's partnership with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and GlobalLinker, we're offering a TradeConnect and SFF All-Access pass at 440 USD, inclusive of the following:

  • 3 Day SFF Conference Pass from 11-13 Nov (all day dining at venue)
  • TradeConnect Conference Pass 12-13 Nov
  • 3 Day / 2 Night stay at 4 Star Hotel

sff.sg@travelctm.com to register or you can visit here to directly register today!

See you in Singapore!