Why businesses cannot evolve without an ERP & how Kiu BMP can be your partner in growth

Why businesses cannot evolve without an ERP & how Kiu BMP can be your partner in growth

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Steve Landman

Steve Landman

260 week ago — 5 min read

The advancement of technology today has transformed the way businesses operate. While manual operations can still get the job done, implementing systems or automating processes has allowed businesses to grow much faster than ever before.

We've seen it from mobile devices, to computers, to storage devices. From a mom and pop store growth to becoming giant retailers, to going online (e-commerce), everything around us is evolving faster than we ever thought.

To help businesses evolve and to having simpler management of all their business needs, Kiu BMP, a digital business management platform – just like an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) but without the complexities, can keep any business alive and competitive through its product development features as well as its ability to create and maintain a smooth and operation flow. Kiu BMP can help your business in the following:

1. Quality
There are a lot of things to consider when creating a product, and it’s not easy for a product to be made efficiently and at the same time be successful in the market without an ERP.  Kiu BMP includes an efficient quality control feature which is beneficial as the quality of a product is much more valuable in the market than its quantity.  With Kiu BMP quality module, you are able to create quality points, checks, and/or alerts on work orders.

In this age, businesses also struggle with fulfilling necessary compliance regulations that involve a lot of paperwork and sometimes require major changes to process.  An ERP can include compliance management as an automated system to support companies in these regulations, making the job much easier.  Kiu BMP accounting implements the accounting standards that are common to the 50 countries which it supports, as well as with IFRS rules.

With growing demand for newer technology, and increasing exposure to different ideas, companies must continually innovate new products to keep up with customer demands, and it isn’t easy to find both fast and inexpensive ways to produce without the help of an ERP. Using Kiu BMP can give companies the advantage over their competitors to rise to the top of the market quickly and with competitive prices. It is a simple, flexible, and affordable tool for all businesses, allowing the company to grow.  Implementing Kiu BMP will help increase productivity by connecting employees with the information they need.

2. Growth
Not only does an ERP transform, but it also helps smooth the flow of operations of any business. Kiu BMP simplifies the production process of the business. There are numerous inventory operations of the business, but with Kiu BMP, the receipt and delivery process is made simple.

Kiu BMP’s inventory module is fully integrated with other modules including Purchase, Sales, e-Commerce, and Manufacturing and can be configured to suit any advanced warehouse management.

As a business evolves, financial operations become more and more complex. A smooth, accurate, and steady flow of financial operations is not possible without an ERP solution. With Kiu BMP, a company’s finance is integrated with all other modules. Journal entries for each accounting transaction are automatically created, so you are able to focus your efforts on work outside of bookkeeping. Information and documentation approval is another reason why businesses cannot evolve through manual execution, as smooth operational flow is not possible without a system to manage all the incoming information. With Kiu BMP you can generate a financial report real-time, and the functionalities offered are highly advanced, making organization extremely simple.

3. Competitive advantage
Kiu BMP’s production and operations management helps businesses to transform and evolve.  Especially today, it is almost impossible for a business to grow and gain a competitive advantage without an ERP to manage and assist employees and create a timely and proper operational flow.

The modules provided by Kiu BMP will significantly increase a company’s efficiency and productivity. In doing your business where competition is high, you need fast-paced production. In addition to production, Kiu BMP includes various functionalities that make the financial complexities a lot easier to handle for a growing company. Quick digital solutions and the integration of finances provided within Kiu BMP have become a necessity for the evolution of your business. 

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