Streamline your business without emptying your pocket

Streamline your business without emptying your pocket

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Steve Landman

Steve Landman

263 week ago — 5 min read

Streamline your business processes – you’ve probably heard this term several times when you’re looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your business. But what does it take and why do companies need it? 

This is where “ERP” comes in or Enterprise Resource Planning, a software for business process management that allows companies to use a system of integrated application to manage their business effectively and helps companies automate tedious processes in human resources, finance, and others.

ERP systems have existed for a long time, but often only big corporations can afford to pay the hefty price. Nevertheless, it is a good investment as it provides a wide range of advantages to companies employing this technology such as it reduces the complexity of running a business while keeping all stored information in a single database.


Because of the monumental price tag, growing business owners can hardly manage to avail ERP.  To address this problem, Kiu provides an affordable easy-to-use alternative called Business Management Platform (BMP). Similar to an ERP, it utilizes a dedicated cloud server system. With Kiu’s BMP, smaller businesses can now benefit from having their business processes simplified and automated without the need of installing a costly and complicated ERP system.


So what exactly is Kiu’s BMP?
It is a secured cloud-based system that allows you to manage every aspect of your business in a single easy-to-use platform. From simple website development to accounting and much more.

Any business, no matter the size, can benefit from Kiu’s BMP. Here are the following benefits when you start using BMP:

  • It is modular and flexible, which means that it can be configured to suit any given process, tailored to match any requirement for a specific business. When a business adopts the BMP, it can confidently grow and expand with no limitations, knowing that it covers any field across all industries that any business wants to expand to.

  • It is affordable, costing virtually nothing compared to a business’s total expense while providing numerous benefits that heavily outweigh the cost. Being a cloud-based platform, it also gives users the mobility that a conventional ERP system doesn’t, giving team members access from anywhere, anytime via any internet enabled device, like smartphones and tablets.

  • It is multilingual, multi-company, and multi-currency. For more ambitious businesses, these additional support elements absolutely knocks the “ball out of the park” and open up the way for businesses to grow internationally without any limitation.


Aside from the direct benefits that come from using the platform, Kiu’s BMP lets you utilize the whole Kiu ecosystem that includes Credit Scoring Engine, Loan and Loan Management System (LMS).

Businesses who use the BMP will get FREE access to the Credit Scoring Engine which analyzes hundreds of data points to establish credit trustworthiness that can then be used to apply for financing opportunities such as working capital loans and purchase order financing. Coupled with Kiu’s Loan, they allow every business to shine bright for any small to medium-sized business, connecting them to finance without the need for collateral.


With businesses racing against each other in a new age of technological advancement, many companies can gain huge advantages from using ERP systems to automate their processes. Kiu’s BMP provides a path for small and medium-sized businesses to try and catch up with the bigger players without having to jump through complicated hoops.


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