Why should you have a mobile CRM application?

Why should you have a mobile CRM application?

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Anoop Vrinda

Anoop Vrinda

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Summary: Customer Relationship Management is a crucial area instrumental in determining the success or a business. In the environment of today, mobile CRM is the way forward for business owners looking to grow.


You might already know what a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is and what it can do for your business, but you might probably wonder why it is substantial to take it mobile. The world is moving fast and it is very important to undertake a digital transformation to stay competitive. Mobile CRM allows a full CRM experience on your phone as well as other internet-enabled devices. “Mobile-First” is the way forward now.


With a mobile CRM, you allow your sales executive to access real time data while they are out in the field meeting potential customers empowering them to access information they need to make a decision on the spot. They can update customer data using their CRM installed smartphone reducing the stress of being away from the office. Thinking from the management side, if you are still not sure of the relevancy of a mobile CRM, take the following things into consideration:


  • How do you track your sales teams activity? How do you get real time updates from them other can calling? Do you ever feel like you are struggling managing your sales team?

  • Do you worry thinking how to sort the lead data/information that constantly pours in?

  • Do you really think it is feasible for the sales representatives to meet you at office after every client meeting to let you know the updates?

  • How do you know if a sales executive has crossed the maximum time with which he should close a deal?

  • How can you know the clients that are closer to closing the deal?


Let’s check out some of the reasons why corporates need a mobile CRM:


1. Increased level of accessibility

Empowering your team with a faster accessibility will definitely bring higher employee activity leading to increased sales loop closures. Mobile devices can get a faster accessibility and sales executive find it a very convenient way to communicate with their prospect customers even when they are travelling.


It enables the employee or executive to access all customer data within a much shorter time. The call button option in the mobile CRM allows them to call the customer without needing to type their number every time when they call.


2. Faster opportunity creation for clients

Mobile CRM helps to create an opportunity instantly which sometimes can turn out to be a turning point for your business. A sales representative may get a relevant lead data when he is out for a shopping or when he is attending a function and with a mobile CRM, he is able to add the opportunity instantly and can follow up to close it soon.


3. Better administrative management

Management can stay updated on the existing lead status or new leads as they can access real-time sales reports of the executive. This helps the management offer better guidance to the executive resulting in better collaboration for an improved efficiency. And improved efficiency always sounds lesser administrative burdens.


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