4 things to check before migrating your files to the cloud

4 things to check before migrating your files to the cloud

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Janina Raisa Go

Janina Raisa Go

247 week ago — 5 min read

The voluminous data contained within an organization is quite hard to manage and store. If you are a business owner, or maybe even a freelance personnel looking to migrate your data to a larger system without having to worry about free space, migrating your files to the cloud is the logical solution.

The cloud is basically a remotely controlled storage system in which subscribers can access their files, documents, and data from any point in the world, as long as an internet connection is present. Once there is a connection, you can access any volume of work previously stored on it. This service is becoming popular today and even smartphone storages can be bypassed by backing up files to the cloud. This service is provided by cloud service providers.

Although it seems like a huge aid for your business, there are basic things you have to know and check before migrating your files to the cloud.

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1. Transfer of data
The transfer of documents or sensitive information through a network connection is not as straightforward as it sounds. There are several things that can happen which could lead to your files getting deleted and lost in the transfer process. A network, no matter how strong it is, can fail at any given time. The change from online to offline will also interrupt the transfer process and will have a drastic effect on the data.

For this reason, it is very advisable that before transferring data, one must have backups stored. This will give you an edge over possible mistakes during the migration process.


2. Security of your files
Cloud service providers are known to be targeted by a lot of hackers. If you are considering subscribing to a cloud service provider network, you must ensure that a clause is provided which guarantees the safety of your files. Once hacked, it is almost impossible to maintain privacy and get a court order which demands the retrieval of your stolen files. Confirm the safety of transfer and the credibility of the services to be subscribed to, before signing up for any plan.

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Understanding a particular cloud service is important before the migration of data takes place.

3. Cost of the service
There are various emerging cloud providers, but the assurance and credibility of their services also includes the price. Consider the cost of the product plans and the specific characteristics of each one before making the decision of availing the subscription. If like most people, your choice is a free service, check the security details and safety of your data. The goal in cost-consideration is getting the most of it at a good standard price.


4. Reliability and accessibility
The accessibility of the cloud from anywhere is one factor to check before migrating. How frequently do crashes occur? What space limit does the cloud take? Is the service public, private or hybrid? Do you get exclusivity to my data or is it possible for third-party service providers to view? All these questions are measures of reliability and accessibility of cloud storage, which must be critically analyzed before migrating files.

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The cloud is a modern option and technology that gives the best at a generally cheaper rate than local storage. Understanding a particular cloud service is important before the migration of data takes place.

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