5 practical things to do when your business can’t operate during MECQ

5 practical things to do when your business can’t operate during MECQ


Airamae Guerrero

Airamae Guerrero

6 Aug 2020, 13:00 — 5 min read

After allowing businesses such as barbershops, internet cafes, gyms, and review centers to operate recently, these establishments have to close again temporarily as the government placed Metro Manila and nearby provinces Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna under modified enhanced community request (MECQ) from August 4 - 18.

What can you do if your business is not allowed to operate during MECQ? Here are some practical tips that you can do to ensure that your business can survive the pandemic.

1. Review your digital strategies

The pandemic has forced every business to revisit and review digital strategies. With strict social distancing measures and other health protocols, most of the consumers or customers are relying online to buy what they need.

Here are things you need to consider:

  • Can your customers find you online? Is your business active on social media?
  • Is your business ready for a work-from-home setup?
  • Are you using digital tools that can help you with your transition online?

These are just some of the things you need to consider. It can be intimidating at first especially when you’re not that a tech-savvy. But the new normal requires every business to go digital. Embrace and adapt to the change so your business can survive this crisis.

2. Strengthen your digital efforts

Dine-in services are prohibited under MECQ, which means you can only rely on deliveries. If you’re managing a food business and do not have any online presence, you’re going to be in trouble!

There are food delivery apps like Foodpanda that you can list your business. You can maximize your social media channels to showcase your products and utilize online deliveries for your orders.

You can also start creating your own online store through UnionBank GlobalLinker’s ecommerce platform. Online store creation under UnionBank GlobalLinker is free!

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3. Pivot

As a business owner, you are known to spot opportunities amidst the challenges or problems. In this difficult time, you need to learn how to pivot especially if you’re selling non-essential items.

Take Audrey Regis of Audrey’s Confectioneries as an example. As her food business directly targets tourists in Cebu City, her business was greatly hit when strict health protocols were imposed. She was disheartened at first, but she learned how to pivot by developing new products that are essential during the pandemic.

It’s a matter of perspective. You have to see this time as an opportunity for you to develop new products, improve your internal process, or start your digital transformation journey.


4. Seek help

You are not alone in this journey. There are organizations that are stepping up to help businesses at this time.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is also initiating several programs for businesses particularly micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to help them digitize their business.

Recently, DTI-Go Lokal! And DTI – Region 7 partnered with UnionBank GlobalLinker to help MSMEs create their online store for free.

There are also several initiatives of UnionBank GlobalLinker that provides free consultation for MSMEs.


5. Prepare for reopening

During MECQ, you can also take this time to make sure that your physical store or your office is compliant with health standards to ensure safety for your employees and customers.

For businesses such as barbershops, salons, and gyms, you can sanitize your stores or you can also take this time to jumpstart your digital initiatives so your business doesn’t get left behind.

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