5 signs that you’re about to do your business full-time

5 signs that you’re about to do your business full-time


Froilan Aloro

Froilan Aloro

270 week ago — 4 min read

Managing a business entails a lot of risk, but it also ensures massive rewards for someone who’s willing to face and endure the challenges of doing it. And if you’re that person, I’m sure you’re currently weighing your options whether to pursue your venture full-time or to keep it as a side job for now. 

Here are the five signs that you’re about to pursue your business full-time:

1. You’re deprived of sleep
You can’t help but think about it – the daily operation of your business, marketing, your clients. It excites you to wake up every morning.  Though sleep deprived, you love what you’re doing and you’re looking forward to finally quitting your day job and do your business full-time. You think about it as well at work, during break, on your way home, and during your idle time.

2. You’re getting busier
It seems that 24-hour aren’t enough, you keep on using google for your inquiries or you’re on the Knowledge section of GlobalLinker to get more tips on how you can further grow your business. You talk to people who can help you with your business, and you have an open heart to learn and listen to their advice and suggestion.

You’re busier in a sense that you are learning new things every day for your business. You’re embracing new terms about marketing, partnership, finance, and social media etc.

3.  You start asking “what if”
Different “what if” scenarios start to pop up in your mind. What if you resign from work? What if your business will not succeed? What if it works? What if I take the risk? And other ‘what if’ questions continue to play on your mind.

When you start weighing your options and its pros and cons, that’s already the sign that you’re willing to take a leap of faith for your business. 

4. You’re having an inventory check
You start evaluating yourself if you have the right skill set to pursue your business full-time. Aside from that, you’re also checking your connection from your social media accounts and network from the corporate world for potential partners and investors.

You’re also experiencing a priority or focus shift. Instead of instant gratification, you start thinking about how to save more money.


5. You start engaging to people and social media groups that you find valuable for your venture.
Whether on yourGlobalLinker account or your other social media accounts, you become active engaging in conversation with people who have the same journey as yours.

If you happen to have at least 3 out of 5 of these signs, I bet you are about to make a major decision in your entrepreneurial journey sooner than later. Of course, you might be considering a lot of things during the course of this time, but it’s definitely starting to become more and more apparent that getting into business full-time is also a good option that you can try.

There may be pros and cons, but remember that as long as you are not deterred in your decision, it will become your motivation to keep on doing your business despite any hardships.

Remember that, this is a life-changing decision and a brand new journey for you. After giving it much thought, plan the transition well, identify the right people, manage your resources, and be ready for some sacrifices from time to time. That is how I started my own business, collarmaker.com.

So good luck on your business journey! Another advice I can probably give is, don’t forget to enjoy every step of the way.


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