5 Ways to Spookify Your Store: How Your Business Can Capitalize on the Halloween Season

5 Ways to Spookify Your Store: How Your Business Can Capitalize on the Halloween Season

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The practice of celebrating Halloween is not as widespread in the Philippines as in other Western countries, but Filipinos are great at making holidays count. Celebrated as a prologue to our commemoration of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, malls, department stores, boutiques and other business establishments adorn every corner with fun Halloween decors. The festivity is infectious. So get on with the times and make this Halloween count for your business.


How Your Business Can Capitalize on the Halloween Season


Here are a few ways to spruce up your business’ celebration of the Halloween season:


  • In It to Win It: Get creative and hold contests for your customers. Halloween costume contests are a crowd favorite, but you can also venture into other creative competitions. For fashion boutiques and businesses, why not hold a Halloween fashion show with an exclusive collection featuring key items from your store? Businesses in the food and beverage industry can hold contests or raffles that showcase holiday exclusives, or maybe a pumpkin-carving contest to stretch your creative (and actual) muscles? The possibilities are endless!


  • Deck the Halls with... Cobwebs?: Give your store a spooky and mysterious atmosphere with some Halloween-appropriate decorations. Let your imagination and creativity run wild! New customers will flock to your store when it stands out in a sea of the same old traditional storefronts. Putting up eye-catching decorations is also an opportunity for both your store and your customers. The digital age won’t be able to resist tasteful and uniquely done Halloween decorations. Your store gets free advertising as a bonus when your satisfied customers post their pictures online!


  • Branded Treats: In the spirit of fun, give out candy to trick-or-treaters who would pass by your store! Make trick-or-treat bags with your store’s logo on them, so you can give children their loots and get your business’ name out there in a brilliant marketing move.


  • Exclusive Scare Offers: Don’t scare off your customers this Halloween season! Make it count by offering Halloween-themed promos. Some great examples are invites to Halloween parties and concerts, or Halloween discounts on regular items.


  • Fall for Seasonal Items: October signifies the beginning of the fall season, which is why a lot of people associate autumn with Halloween. Even if the Philippines does not experience four seasons, you can let your customers experience this cool season with several cool gimmicks and tricks of the trade. Businesses in the food and beverage industry often release fall flavors (cinnamon and pumpkin spice are prime examples), or loyalty cards where people collect a certain number of points to get Halloween-exclusive items.


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