Effective strategies to promote your published business content

Effective strategies to promote your published business content

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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A well-written, published article about your venture is a definite asset and can go a long way in building your business credibility. It is also a useful means of showcasing your product/ service in the best possible manner for future business opportunities. However, unless this content is accessible by a wide audience it will serve little purpose.

Here are some practical tips to promote your business content to ensure that it gets maximum mileage and has the greatest impact.

1. Leverage social media

In the past decade, social media has emerged as force to be reckoned with. Your customers, clients, business prospects, partners, employees and friends can all be found on social media. Select the right social media channel for your content and make sure you promote it to get maximum views. Factors like the timing of a post, effective use of hashtags and using paid campaigns can impact the social media effectiveness of your content.

2. Endorse your business

Prospective clients and customers are bound to search your business on the net. Ensure that articles about your business are prominently featured on your website as a testimonial. You may also leverage the article link in your email signature, so that all your business contacts can easily access it.

3. Reinvent your content

While it is great for your audience to read the article on the original site on which it was published, others may want to access it on LinkedIn, Facebook, or even your own company website. You may repackage the article to suit the medium on which it is being published. As long as you share a source link to the original website on which it was published, this should not be a problem. A word of caution, do check with the original website and get the necessary permission to republish/ repackage the article. You may even pick a quote from the article and put it on Pinterest or Instagram. Further you may upload a pdf or slideshare document of the article on a link, so that it is easily searchable on the internet.

4. Use it for marketing

If the content about your business is really good and insightful and if it does complete justice to your business idea, you may even use it as part of your marketing collaterals. Create an eye-catching slogan and use an extract of the article with relevant visuals.

5. Get further press coverage

Positive press is a great boost for your business. If you have been featured by a certain media, use this content as a stepping stone to get even more press. Send the article link to other journalists, publications and media influencers to generate interest and a buzz about your business. This is a good strategy to ensure that you continued to be featured in the right forums ad get due recognition.



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