Go Paperless: UnionBank inks partnership with Paperless Trail Inc

Go Paperless: UnionBank inks partnership with Paperless Trail Inc

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UnionBank Publication

UnionBank Publication

30 May 2019, 13:46 — 3 min read

To help entrepreneurs streamline their business processes, UnionBank partnered with Paperless Trail Inc. (PTI) to expand its cloud-based services to members of UnionBank GlobalLinker.

“We believe that our partnership with UnionBank GlobalLinker will connect us with more Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and help them grow and transform their business through digitization and automation,” Janina Raisa Go, Digital Marketing Specialist of PTI, shared in an interview with UnionBank GlobalLinker.

Paperless Trail Inc. is a Philippine-based IT company focusing on providing services such as scanning and digitization, document management, business mapping, and integration.

“With our products and services, we aim to make businesses maximize their full potential and be compliant with regulations in today’s tech-centric business environment,” Go explained.

After realizing that their services are mostly used by large business enterprises, PTI launched Azure cloud-based subscription packages to cater the needs and means of fast-growing SMEs in line with their partnership with UnionBank later last year.

“We believe that our partnership with UnionBank GlobalLinker will connect us with more SMEs,” she added.

With this partnership, you can now avail PTI’s services inside the UnionBank GlobalLinker platform. From your UnionBank GlobalLinker account, you can click ‘Offers’ where you can find PTI’s offer.

“Through our cloud-based solutions, expensive software licensing is no longer an issue. Just subscribe to our services for as low as Php 167.00 per user*, and send the requirements so you can use the software right away. For document scanning, you can have thousands of pages scanned for as low as Php 3,500. Since the service already includes the assigning of search terms or what we call ‘indexing,’ easy searching for the digital files is made possible,” Go explained.

PTI’s services aim to help business owners lessen their dependency on papers and to get rid of the tedious manual processes. Automating and streamlining your business processes can give you more time to focus on much more important tasks like sales and operations.

To get to know more about PTI’s services, click here.

*based on small business subscription discounted rate

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views, official policy or position of GlobalLinker. 

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